Church resources for disability inclusion

        It is our hope that the resources on this page will help churches welcome and include all people at church gatherings and enable all believers to contribute to the community of faith, irrespective of their physical or intellectual abilities or disabilities. 

        Everyone Welcome: Accessible Church for All 

        12-point font version (135 pages)
        18-point font version (233 pages)

        These guidelines are designed to help parishes within the Diocese (and beyond) eliminate the barriers that prevent people with disability from participating in the full life of the church. They are not exhaustive guidelines, but aim to serve as an introduction to some of the obstacles that prevent access to church for people with disability, as well as offer guidance on ways to overcome some of these obstacles. The guidelines also provide an extensive resource list of books, websites, and other publications that are available to help further educate parishes on the experiences of people with disability. 

        Congregational survey on disability and accessibility - Appendix 2 (5 pages)

        The purpose of this survey is to identify and accommodate the unique needs of church members. It is useful for: 

        • Learning more about the needs of people with disability and their caregivers in churches;
        • Making sure we are doing all we can to serve and support people with disability and their caregivers in our churches; and
        • Making sure people with disability and their caregivers can enjoy full participation in the life of our church. 

        Accessibility appraisal form - Appendix 3 (6 pages)

        The accessibility appraisal form has been designed to help churches consider some of the barriers that can prevent people with disability from enjoying full inclusion and participation. 

        Collecting information from adults with intellectual disabilities or adults on the Autism Spectrum - Appendix 6 (5 pages)

        Parent Interview Checklist - Appendix 7 (4 pages)


        The resources on this page have been created by Dr Louise Gosbell on behalf of the Social Issues Committee, Anglican Church, Diocese of Sydney. 

        [Synod.....encourages Parish Councils to give consideration to the Guidelines in order to make their parish a welcoming and accessible place for all of the community. (part Synod Resolution 24/22)]