Third Session of the 52nd Synod held in 2022

        The third session of the 52nd Synod was held on 10, 12, 13, 14, 19 and 20 September 2022. The first day of the session (Saturday 10 September 2022) was held at Oran Park Anglican College with the remainder of the session (12-14 and 19-20 September 2022) held at the Wesley Theatre on Pitt Street in Sydney. 

        Post-Synod resources

        [new] 2022 Synod Proceedings Book

        Synod Summary - Circular to Parishes - 27 September 2022


        Videos presented to the Synod

        Synod in the Greenfields

        Anglican Church Growth Corporation

        Diocese of North West Australia


        Draft Minutes

        Draft Minutes - 10 and 12 September 2022

        Draft Minutes - 13 September 2022 (including answers to questions asked on Monday)

        Draft Minutes - 14 September 2022 (including answers to questions asked on Tuesday)

        Draft Minutes - 19 September 2022 (including answers to questions asked on Wednesday)

        Draft Minutes - 20 September 2022


        Key documents

        Archbishop's Summons to the third session of the 52nd Synod - 15 July 2022

        1st Circular to Synod Members - 14 July 2022

        2nd Circular to Synod Members - 26 August 2022

        Schedule of Elections Required - 14 July 2022

        Provisional Notice of uncontested elections - 5 August 2022 (there are no contested elections this year.)

        Notice of uncontested elections - 26 August 2022


        Documents for reference

        2022 Presidential Address - 10 September 2022 (link to article or PDF

        Everyone Welcome - Accessible church for all: Church resources for disability inclusion

        Doctrine Commission Report: A Theology of Baptism (14/14): Addressing the Significance of Baptism in Water

        Review of Diocesan Investment Strategy - Attachment 4 and Attachment 5 (referred to in Proceeding Book, p. 383)

        Anglicare Annual Review 2022

        Glebe Administration Board Annual Report for 2021

        Moore Theological College Annual Report 2022


        Relevant resources

        A Brief Guide to Synod Rules - summarises key procedures and rules of the Synod, and is intended to be printed as a booklet for quick reference throughout Synod (Booklet format / A4 format)

        Briefing for new Synod members - what to expect & how to prepare (recorded 21 April 2021): complete recording 

        Information about parish Synod representatives (including the appointment of an alternate - if you are unable to attend a session)

        Officers and committees appointed at the first session of the 52nd Synod


        Synod Standing Orders Ordinance 2019