Sessions of the 52nd Synod to be held in 2022

        The second ordinary session of the 52nd Synod (originally planned to be held September 2021 and postponed to February 2022) was subsequently cancelled as a consequence of the continuing community transmission of COVID-19. 


        Update (19 January 2022): The Archbishop has cancelled the session of Synod planned to be held Saturday 26 February 2022 and Monday 28 February to Wednesday 2 March 2022. The following letter from the Archbishop to Synod members sets out the circumstances and his rationale.


        The next ordinary session of the Synod is currently scheduled for 12, 13, 14, 19 and 20 September 2022. However, in light of the cancellation of the February 2022 session, the Archbishop has indicated that he intends to convene the September 2022 session on Saturday 10 September 2022 at Oran Park, providing an opportunity for Synod members to participate in ‘Synod in the Greenfields’ – including walking tours of Oran Park Anglican Church and the immediate community, and bus tours of our facilities at Leppington and the surrounding area. The remainder of the session (12-14 and 19-20 September 2022) is then expected to be held at the Wesley Theatre. Further information will be conveyed about this session closer to the time.


        Key documents

        The reports compiled in Synod Book 1 and reports provided on a preliminary basis for the session of Synod planned for February 2022 have been removed from the website as a consequence of the cancellation of the Synod. It is anticipated that many of these reports will be updated for the session planned for September. However, Synod members may request a copy of any of these reports by emailing the the Diocesan Secretary (

        Reports within Synod Book 1

        Financial Reports
        • Synod Funds Amalgamated Annual Financial Report for 2020
        • Parish Funds Amalgamated Annual Financial Report for 2020
        • Synod – St Andrew’s House Fund Annual Financial Report for 2020
        • Synod Funding Arrangements
        • Stipends, Allowances and Benefits for 2022 (2/05)
        Special Reports
        • Amendment to Faithfulness in Service: A national code for personal behaviour and the practice of pastoral ministry by clergy and church workers
        • Diocesan Organisations’ Conformity with the Governance Policy
        • Doctrine Commission Report: The Unchanging Heart of Parochial Incumbency
        • Ordinances passed by the Standing Committee
        Proposals to change parish status
        • Jamberoo: Proposal to change the status of the provisional parish to a parish
        Annual Reports
        • Anglican Church Property Trust Annual Report 2020
        • Mission Property Committee
        • Regional Councils’ Annual Reports for 2020
        • Reporting on the National Redress Scheme (42/18)
        • Safe Ministry Board and Professional Standards Unit Annual Report
        • Tertiary Education Ministry Oversight Committee (2/15)


        • Everyone Welcome - Accessible church for all: Church resources for disability inclusion

        Reports available as a preliminary view

        • Indigenous Ministry in the Diocese of Sydney Report
        • Ministry Standards Ordinance 2017 Amendment Ordinance 2022 // Reportable Allegations and Convictions Ordinance 2022 - Explanatory Report (including bills as appendices)
        • Synod Membership Ordinance 1995 Amendment Ordinance 2022 - Explanatory Report and Bill

        Documents associated with the Synod elections to boards, councils and committees held in 2022 -

        Documents associated with the Synod elections to boards, councils and committees held in 2021 -

        Relevant resources