Sessions of the 52nd Synod to be held in 2021

        Second ordinary session of the 52nd Synod - Postponed

        The second ordinary session of the 52nd Synod (planned to be held 6-8 September 2021) has been postponed. Archbishop Raffel has decided, with the concurrence of the Standing Committee, to postpone the session as a consequence of the increased community transmission of COVID-19 and the expectation that restrictions in place would prevent the convening of the session at that time. A decision has not yet been made on alternative dates on which to hold the session.

        Synod elections to boards, councils and committees will continue as planned, with any contested elections determined by online ballot (similar to the process employed in 2020). 

        A revised form of the 1st Circular to Synod Members is provided below, focusing upon information relevant to the Synod elections. 


        Key documents

        Documents related to the postponed session (September 2021)

        • Withdrawn: Archbishop's Summons to the second ordinary session of the 52nd Synod - 9 July 2021 
        • The 1st Circular to Synod members has been revised in light of the postponement, available above dated 15 July 2021. The version sent 9 July 2021 is available for reference. 

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        First ordinary and special sessions of the 52nd Synod (May 2021)

        Relevant resources



        Documents associated with the postponed 2020 session