Parish Property

        While our churches are much more than bricks and mortar, church buildings are integral to how we do ministry in our communities. As a result, parish properties not only need to be maintained but must also adapt over time to changing ministry needs.

        In this section of the SDS website you will find the information you need to deal with new building works, renovations, leasing of parish properties, heritage matters and much more.

        The Anglican Church Property Trust (ACPT) is the trustee of most parish property in the Sydney Diocese on behalf of individual parishes. The following documents explain a little more about the ACPT's work: About the ACPT and Principal ActivitiesBasic Principles About Trusts Applicable to the ACPT

        The SDS Property Services Team is also available to help with any queries you have about the processes that parishes must follow when managing or developing parish property. These processes are outlined in the sections below.

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