Professional Standards Unit Oversight Committee

        Terms of Reference

        1.         To ensure the Professional Standards Unit (PSU) is fulfilling its obligations under the Ministry Standards Ordinance 2017 and the Safe Ministry Board Ordinance 2001.

        2.         To receive reports each meeting from –

        (a)        The Archbishop

        (b)        Chair of Safe Ministry Board

        (c)        Chair of Professional Standards Committee

        (d)        President of the Panel for the Professional Standards Board

        3.         The reports shall state whether, in the opinion of the person making the report, the Director of Professional Standards (DPS) and PSU have performed satisfactorily since the last report and shall make any other comments as considered appropriate.

        4.         To receive and handle as necessary any complaints about the DPS or PSU.

        5.         To oversee the budget and finances of the PSU.

        6.         To make recommendations to Standing Committee on the functioning of the PSU and any other matters considered relevant by the PSUOC.

        7.         To prepare recommendations for the Standing Committee, in accordance with Standing Committee policies, on payment of expenses associated with professional standards matters from the Synod Fund Risk Reserve.

        8.         To ensure the DPS receives appropriate training, regular professional supervision and suitable pastoral care.

        9.         To liaise with the Archbishop about the appointment of DPS when the role of DPS is vacant.


        • An Assistant Bishop (appointed by the Archbishop as Chair of PSUOC) (currently Bishop Peter Lin)
        • The Registrar (currently Acting Registrar, Mr Daniel Glynn) 
        • An experienced lawyer who is a member of Standing Committee (appointed by the Chancellor) (currently Dr Robert Tong AM)
        • The Chair of the Finance Committee (currently Ms Nicola Warwick-Mayo)
        • The CEO of SDS (currently Mr Robert Wicks)

        All members must be Standing Committee members.

        Meetings and Quorum

        10.       The PSUOC shall hold at least 3 ordinary meetings each year with additional special meetings as required.

        11.       The quorum shall be 3 members.

        12.       The DPS shall attend meetings of the PSUOC by invitation.


        13.       The Committee shall report to Standing Committee when it considers it to be appropriate and in response to any request by Standing Committee.

        Administrative Arrangements

        14.       The Registrar sees to the secretarial work and any costs are met by the PSU.


        15.       Ex-officio members are members while they hold the relevant office. Appointed members hold office at the pleasure of the person who appointed them.


        16.       An experienced lawyer is a person who has been admitted as a legal practitioner for not less than 10 years.

        17.       The reports in paragraph 2 shall be send direct to the Secretary who, after consulting with the Chair of PSUOC, shall determine whether they should be shared with the DPS before or after the meeting of the PSUOC or not shared at all with the DPS.



        Current as at  9 March 2022