Parish Risk Management Program

        Appropriately managing risks is a key aspect of parish ministry. It is also a proper demonstration of our care for both parishioners and visitors, such as tradespeople and other contractors.

        To assist parish office holders with this important task, SDS has prepared a number of short videos covering the various risk categories and how to appropriately manage them. These videos are available below.

        To access more detailed written content, including helpful forms such as risk registers and incident reports, parish wardens should sign in at the top right of this page.


        Module 1 - Risk Management Framework

        Key concepts covered:
        • Why manage risks?
        • How to manage risks
        • Recording and Reporting Incidents
        • Annual review


        Module 2 - Building Environment

        Key concepts covered:
        • People movement
        • Emergency evacuation
        • Fire
        • Electrical
        • Hazardous substances
        • Plate glass
        • Noise
        • Asbestos
        • Safe playgrounds
        • Facilities for the aged and people with a disability
        • Working bees
        • First Aid
        • Activities off-site



        Module 3 - Working Environment

        Key concepts covered:
        • Workplace consultation
        • Work environment
        • Amenities for staff and volunteers
        • Safe work procedures
        • Manual handling and storage
        • Working at heights
        • Use and maintenance of equipment
        • Working from home
        • Managing contractors



        Module 4 - Food Safety

        Key concepts covered:
        • Introduction
        • Safe handling of food for parish events
        • Annual review
        • Details



        Module 5 - Bullying and Violence

        Key concepts covered:
        • Bullying
        • Violence



        Module 6 - Child Protection

        Key concepts covered:
        • Introduction
        • Checklist