Parish Finance & Remuneration

        Good financial management is essential as parishes seek to properly steward the resources under their care and control. This responsibility sits primarily with the wardens and includes meeting relevant accounting and reporting obligations, ensuring parish workers are appropriately paid, complying with taxation obligations and making appropriate investment decisions. The main financial responsibilities of wardens are set out in the Parish Administration Ordinance 2008.

        This section of the SDS website provides useful information and guidance on these matters as well as a number of forms and documents essential to the task.

        The SDS Finance team is also happy assist with any queries. Please contact Jason Ferguson – Manager, Parish Operations on 9265 1594 or


        Documents required for reporting and budgeting:

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          Parish Council

          While the primary responsibility for parish finances lies with the wardens, the Parish Council also has a number of important rights and powers. These include: approving budgets (including the annual budget prepared by the wardens), authorising payments, fixing the stipends and other payments made to ministry staff, directing the expenditure or investment policy of any surplus funds and making charitable or mission-oriented donations as appropriate.

          These responsibilities are also set out in the Parish Administration Ordinance 2008.