Ministry Staff Remuneration & Related Benefits


        Guidelines for the Remuneration of Parish Ministry Staff for 2021

        Guidelines for the Remuneration of Parish Ministry Staff for 2020


        Supporting Documents

        About Your Remuneration and Related Benefits

        About Your Superannuation

        About Your Annual Leave

        About Your Long Service Leave - Clergy

        About Your Long Service Leave - Lay Ministers

        About Your Income Protection Cover

        About the Clergy Assistance Program

        Remuneration Process Flowchart 2018



        Anglican National Super Fund (AMP SignatureSuper) for Clergy

        Notice of Superannuation Fund for Clergy

        Sickness & Accident Claim

        Clergy Removal Explanation and Claim

        PCR Direct Debit Request

        Notice of Variation for Ministers and Assistant Ministers in part time service [Word format] [Adobe format]


        Pro-forma letters of appointment or welcome

        Assistant Minister, full-time authorised lay minister, part-time ministry employee, non-ministry employee, casual non-ministry employee, fixed-term ministry trainee.


        Sample Templates

        Parish Remuneration Policy

        Leave Form

        Stipend Package Calculator for 2019

        Stipend Package Calculator for 2018

        Minister's Expense Account ("MEA") Reconciliation and Payment Template

        Workers Compensation Calculator

        Agreement for the purchase and use of a motor vehicle


        Other Information

        Centrelink Benefits Assessment Guide

        How Diocesan Stipends and other Remuneration Benefits are determined

        Stamp Duty - Application for Exemption from Motor Vehicle Registration Duty


        Tax Rulings

        GST Ruling - GSTR2000 - 26 - corporate credit card

        Taxation Ruling - TR92/15 - The difference between an allowance and a reimbursement

        Taxation Ruling - TR2019/3 - Fringe Benefits Tax: benefits provided to religious practitioners