Diocesan policy on consumption of alcohol in the parish context

        The 2009 Synod received the report on the consumption of alcohol in the parish context and, recognising that drinks containing alcohol are a gift from God to be enjoyed in moderation but also recognising that alcohol abuse has caused significant damage in our community, requests that the minister and parish council of each parish – 

        (a)     study the information in the report, and

        (b)   determine the parish’s own policy on the consumption of alcohol having regard to the Synod’s recommendation –

        “Except for –

        1. services of public worship where wine is provided as part of the Lord’s Supper,

        2. private activities in ministry residences, and

        3. activities undertaken pursuant to a commercial or residential lease of church trust property,

        no alcohol should be consumed or made available in the context of any public ministry activity of the parish on church trust property or any private activity held on church trust property, without the approval of the parish council.”