Diocesan Doctrine Commission


        The Diocesan Doctrine Commission prepares reports on important theological issues confronting the Diocese. Topics may include specific doctrinal debates within the Church itself or issues confronting society more broadly.

        A report is initiated when the Archbishop, Synod or Standing Committee requests a theologically-informed consideration of a particular matter. Once completed, the report is presented to the requesting body and published.


        Constitution and Current Membership

        The Doctrine Commission was constituted by the Archbishop as a result of a request from Synod in 1981 and consists of ten members appointed by the Archbishop every three years in consultation with the Standing Committee.

        Current members of the Doctrine Commission are:

        The Rev Dr Mark Thompson (Chair)
        The Rev Dr David Hohne
        The Rev Dr Edward Loane
        The Rev Dr Gavin Perkins
        The Rev Dr Willis Salier

          The Rev Dr Andrew Shead
          The Rev Robert Smith
          Bishop Michael Stead
        The Rev Dr Danielle Treweek
        Mrs Beth Webb

        Reports by Diocesan Doctrine Commission

        Reports prepared by the Diocesan Doctrine Commission may be viewed here.

        Alternatively, they are shown below by year of publication.





        A Theological Reflection on the Parish System


        The Doctrine of Concupiscence and its Relevance to the Experience of Same-Sex Attraction











        A Theology of Baptism: Addressing the Significance of Baptism in Water

        A Theological Framework for Reconciliation, with special reference to the Indigenous Peoples of Australia 

        The Implications of Domestic Abuse for Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

        Reading the Books of Homilies Today

        The Unchanging Heart of Parochial Incumbency

        On the Need of Children for a Mother and a Father


        Worship and Prayer in the Christian Assembly


        The Use and Misuse of Scripture with Regard to Domestic Abuse


          Faith and Doctrine in the Constitution of the Anglican Church of Australia   An Evangelical Episcopate / Purpose and Nature of Episcopal Leadership (6/15)










        Catholicity and Communion



        Human Sexuality and the 'Same Sex MarriageDebate


        36/07 Penal substitutionary atonement



        35/07 A Theology of Christian Assembly

        A Theology of Gender And Gender Identity


        7/14 Fellowship meals and the proclamation of Christ's death





        Working paper for the Report concerning Fellowship meals and the proclamation of Christ's death













        23/05 Anglican and Roman Catholic International Commission report 'Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ'



        30/05 Administration of Confirmation by Presbyters


        14/00 Administration of Confirmation by Presbyters



        Restricted licensing of women priests and theological objections to the ordination of women to the priesthood


        Archbishop Rowan Williams' Larkin-Stuart Lecture 'The Bible Today: Reading & Hearing'




        Review of Authority in the Church lll, The Gift of Authority











        The Doctrine of the Trinity and its bearing on the relationship of men and women



        Lay and Diaconal Administration of the Lord's Supper



        45/95 A Prayer Book for Australia



        Lay and Diaconal Administration of the Lord's Supper


        The Value of Work













        23/93 Admission of Children to Holy Communion



        Holy Baptism with the Laying on of Hands 1990



        34/87 Nature of functions of the Three-fold Orders of Ministry



        8/87 The Ministry of Women



        Diaconal Presidency at the Lord's Supper



        Lay Presidency at the Lord's Supper











        Anglican Diocese of Sydney on "Towards a Theology of Inter-Faith Dialogue"


        21/82 The Remarriage of Divorced Persons



        11/81 "Towards a Theology of Ordination"



        Ordination of Women to the Diaconate



        All correspondence for the Doctrine Commission should be sent to the Secretary: 

        The Rev Rob Smith

        Secretary, Diocesan Doctrine Commission

        Email: rsmith@smbc.edu.au