Clergy Contact Person

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        The Clergy Contact Person (CCP) Program is a joint initiative of the Archbishop of Sydney and the Sydney Diocesan Secretariat. It offers assistance to members of the clergy in Sydney Anglican parishes, and their spouses, who are finding it hard to manage the pressures of parish ministry.

        Assistance is provided in the form of a confidential face to face meeting with a person (a Clergy Contact Person) who has had extensive experience in parish ministry. CCPs are there to explain the diocesan resources available to clergy and clergy spouses, and assist them develop and implement an action plan to access the relevant support.

        Available diocesan resources include –

        • peer support groups
        • mentoring/coaching, pastoral supervision and professional development programs
        • counselling and other mental health support (through the Clergy Assistance Program)
        • annual and long service leave entitlements
        • sickness and accident cover
        • assistance from an experienced ministry wife to help women deal with difficult ministry situations

        For CCP contact details please call 9265 1552. In order to preserve confidentiality, calls to this number can be made anonymously.