Approved ACPT Standard Form Licence Agreement

        The Licence Schedule and Licence Memorandum together form one Licence Agreement. Licence information should be populated into the relevant Licence Schedule fields.

        Please note that whilst the Licence Schedule provides for amendments or additions, such changes can only be made with the written consent of the Anglican Church Property Trust Diocese of Sydney.

        ACPT Standard Licence Schedule

        ACPT Licence Memorandum

        Please note:

        1 Amendment 21 Clauses a) and b) to Memorandum Book No 4569 No. 23 on page 3 of 10 of the schedule are to be crossed out if the licence agreement reflects the current market fee. These sub-clauses are only required for those licence agreements which do not reflect the current market fee for the premises.

        2. In the event that the licence agreement is below market value, the parish is to show the market value, the rebate given and the amount being charged at Item 11 of page 1 of the ACPT Standard Licence Schedule.