Approved ACPT Standard Form Licence Agreement

The Licence Schedule and Licence Memorandum together form one Licence Agreement.


Licence information should be populated into the relevant Licence Schedule fields.

Please note that whilst the Licence Schedule provides for amendments or additions, such changes can only be made with the written consent of the Anglican Church Property Trust Diocese of Sydney.

For information about the correct use of this agreement, please refer to Leasing and Licensing of Church Trust Property - User Guide.

Approved ACPT Licence Schedule

Please note: licence agreements for the use of a church building, church hall, etc by a
non-anglican congregation / another denomination are restricted to a maximum licence term of two years.
The full list of conditions are shown in the "Use of churches by non-Anglican congregations" section of the
Parish Administration Ordinance 2008.

Approved ACPT Licence Memorandum