3rd Ordinary session of the 51st Synod

        The 3rd ordinary session of the 51st Synod will be held on Monday 14, Tuesday 15, Wednesday 16, Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 October 2019 with afternoon and evening sittings on each of these 5 days. 

        Officers and commitees appointed at the 1st session of the 51st Synod

        Post-Synod Resources

        Resources for Synod in session


        M30: Deferral of General Synod Assessments - Result of vote by secret ballot

        Advance distribution of text of Motions for which notice was given on Wednesday 16 October 2019

        Daily Papers

        14 October 2019  /  Amendments to the Business Paper: 14 October 2019

        15 October 2019

        16 October 2019

        21 October 2019 / Additional Materials

        22 October 2019

        Draft Minutes

        14 October 2019

        15 October 2019

        16 October 2019

        21 October 2019

        22 October 2019

        Questions and Answers

        14 October 2019

        15 October 2019

        16 October 2019

        Synod Books

        Book 1: Annual Report of the Standing Committee and Other Reports and Papers

        Book 2: Bills for Ordinances, Accompanying Reports and Principal Legislation

        Book 3: Supplementary Report of the Standing Committee and other reports

        Book 4: Further Reports of the Standing Committee

        Consolidated PDF of Books 1 - 4 (for convenient use on digital viewers - not for printing)

        Guides and helps

        Matters before the Synod in 2019 - provides a summary of the key points of each report in the Synod Books that has a substantive recommendation (updated 30 September 2019)

        A Brief Guide to Synod Rules – summarises key procedures and rules of the Synod, and is intended to be printed as a booklet for quick reference throughout Synod (Booklet format / A4 format)


        Notice of Motion (for use on days 1, 2 & 3 of Synod) - in Word form

        Notice of Amendment - in Word form

        Question (for use on days 1, 2 & 3 of Synod) - in Word form


        Synod Business Rules (Conduct of the Business of Synod Ordinance 2000)
               Current Rules
               Rules showing proposed amendments in tracked form

        Anglicare: The first 3 years; the next 10 years

        Marriage, Same-sex Marriage and the Anglican Church of Australia - essays from the General Synod Doctrine Commission (316 pages)

        2019 Presidential Address (link to sydneyanglican.net article or PDF)

        Report in support of an amendment to the text of the Bill for the Archbishop Election Amendment Ordinance 2019 - The Rev Dominic Steele


        Pre-Synod Resources