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Welcome to the web page for Synod and Standing Committee!

These web pages provide information about the Synod, its Standing Committee and various sub-committees of the Standing Committee. Please browse this section to find out about the structure, administration and conduct of Synod, find papers from past Synods and information about future Synods. I trust that you will find the information useful.

If you would like information about our other committees, organisations and boards, please click here.

Robert Wicks
Diocesan Secretary

Frequently Accessed Documents & Pages

Ordinary Session 2015
Administrative Ordinances
Standing Committee Reports 2015
Synod 2015
Synod 2016
Ordinances - Year by Year
Minutes of the 2015 Session of Synod
Draft Parental Leave Ordinance 2015
Organisations & School Ordinances
Synod in Past Years

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